Recycled and recyclable

A sustainable alliance

ESADE uses RECY-TEX, a range of products that respects the environment through the use of recycled materials, which in turn can be recycled. The circular economy reduces the consumption of new raw material and optimizes the production and use of energy.


0% water use

The Recy-tex manufacturing process is produced without any direct water consumption.

0% chemicals

No chemical component is added to Recy-tex fabrics.

0% CO2 emissions

The manufacture of our fabrics does not produce any direct emission into the atmosphere.

Climate footprint

Crop savings

We avoid the use of pesticides, water and insecticides in new cotton crops.


Less water consumption

It saves the consumption of millions of liters that can be given a more rational use.


Energy saving

Recycled materials with much lower energy consumption to be produced.


Emissions reduction

The circular economy system prevents the emission of tons of CO2 to the planet.





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Using ESADE & Recy-Tex is to choose responsible materials management